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Vanguard's Creed

We believe.

We are the young men and women of Vanguard.

We are college and career bound.

We are exceptional—not because we say it, but because we work hard at it.

We will not falter in the face of any obstacle placed before us.

We are dedicated, committed and focused.

We never succumb to mediocrity, uncertainty or fear.

We never fail because we never give up.

We make no excuses.

We choose to live honestly, nonviolently, and honorably.

We respect ourselves and, in doing so, respect all people.

We have a future for which we are accountable.

We have a responsibility to our families, community, and world.

We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers.

We believe in ourselves.

We believe in each other

We believe in Vanguard College Prep.


WASC Accreditation

WASC Accreditation

School Information

Lion2.jpgVanguard Lions will show P.R.I.DE. throughout school, college and beyond...

Perseverance Vanguard students will show patience and persistence by honoring commitments and striving for excellence.

Reflection Vanguard students learn from experiences by being thoughtful in work and relationships, and through self-evaluation (actively interacting with assignments and instructors for feedback).

Integrity Vanguard students show integrity by knowing and doing what's right, being accountable for actions, and demonstrating good citizenship.

Determination Vanguard students show determination by engaging in self-advocacy, continuously accomplishing goals (personal and academic), and always challenging themselves.

Empathy Vanguard students show acceptance, embrace diversity, and celebrate individuality.


Founded: 2009


Sponsoring District: Modesto City Schools

CDS/Charter Numbers:

CDS: #50-76638-0120212

Charter: #1125 

Enrollment 2017-18: 385

Ethnicity: Hispanic: 55% African-American: 6% Pacific Islander: 1% Asian-American: 8% Caucasian: 30%

Free and Reduced Lunch: 58%

2012-2013 API: 875

WASC Accredited

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